These had me at GoGo!

While some of my new artsi-vida India Ink paintings dry, I'm taking a quick break to post these pics of the apple sauce I recently bought at the grocery store. Why? Because they are just so fun! They grabbed my attention from the bottom row of the applesauce aisle, which means they did their job! I'm a sucker for creative packaging/labeling. When I'm shopping, I've been know to buy things, just because I couldn't resist the logo or the name. (I'm looking at you: Tum-E Yummy!) I'd say this is the case, but I also bought them because I needed applesauce and it was priced reasonably. GoGo SqueeZ is made by a French company, Materne, that is now importing their Materne Pom’potes into the US. The design is the perfect blend of childlike fun and oh-la-la!

Even the website is adorb: