Font makin' *is* easy?

via: FontStruct | Build, Share, Download Fonts.

I found this site a while back when I was looking for a cool font for a project and now I'm fascinated with making my own font. You can look through what people have done using the free FontStruct program and they are just amazing. So creative and inspiring. But I feel like MY font has to be very me. And what am I? Scripty, Slab-Serrific? Mod, Blocky? I think I want to start by painting the letters with my favorite black India ink and Japanese calligraphy brush, then scan them in and go from there. Of course, I will follow up with the final product when it is complete, dahlinks.

In the meantime I need to click through the site some more. It even has a cool feature called, "clone" where you can take a font that's already been made and then "clone" it and use it as a starting point. Seems a little like cheating but it's a good method to see how the artist put their font together and gather ideas and it does give credit to the original font designer.

Ok, off to alphabetize and fontify!