All Natural Package Re-Do

I've been buying Mom's Best cereals for a while now. They are "All-natural," but still taste delicious and are cheaper than most regular cereals. I just bought a couple of boxes this week and was really happy with their new look. They've redesigned the packaging from top to bottom including a new logo and website. Here is their new logo:

Great fonts are utilized. Nice mix of script with a bold sans serif.  The box that forms the logo is a hip shape. Before spotting this redesign I designed something with that "bracketed-box" look, so it must be something in the collective consciousness of designers that's going around.

The new packaging design incorporates fun, illustrated themes that showcase a variety of natural settings. Here is a pic from their website. They want you to "Like" them and are giving away free wallpapers. And I do like them a lot!

Here is a photo of their new packaging from my pantry:

Here is what their old packaging looked like:

The design is very dated, and frankly, looks like a cheap box of cereal. The new design is fresh and very now. From the "overlay-style" mountains to the warm, yet primary color story. I love it and think it's a better fit for this delicious line of I hope they don't go getting expensive!

Check out how their website also incorporates their new style here: Mom's Best® Naturals Cereal | Mom's Best® Naturals Cereal.