Re-purpose Those Ancient Soldier Vases

Got any vases that resemble the ancient Chinese terracotta soldiers just sitting around collection dust on a shelf? I did, so I gave them new life as a necklace holders in my bathroom.

And just where did I get them? A lucky find. I found them on a back clearance shelf at a TJ Maxx's Homegoods store. ( Only $7 a piece! They were quirky and fun, but not getting the attention they deserved.

And I think these guys would be proud:

Terracotta warriors rise again as Chinese archaeologists begin new dig after 24 years | Mail Online.

I've been looking for something like this from fleamarket / thrift stores for a while. Maybe not a Phrenology head, but something funky that I can drape my necklaces over. But I had the perfect items all along.