Troubling Technology

When I feel really productive and want to get things done aka TCB (take care of business) I seem to have the most trouble with my computer. Fonts not working is a biggie around my deadlines. And today it's my beloved Photoshop that is acting up. What's a girl to do? Well, since my Internet clearly is working I had to search engine me up some good quotes about "computer troubles" to make me feel better. I think I found the perfect one and I do so love some HAIKU: Chaos reigns within.Reflect, repent, and reboot.Order shall return.—Suzie Wagner, 1998, honorable mention in the Haiku Error Messages 21st Challenge by Charlie Varon and Jim Rosenau, sponsored by

{saving this post as draft...}

Coming back to the post after I took her advice and rebooted (Truth time, I just logged out, that's a Mac for ya!) and it does seem to be working again so back to life, back to productivity, back to my Photoshop file!

*Bonus stock art picture of a business man with a trash can on his head!*

trashcan head

trashcan head

Which reminds me of a funny blog about silly stock art, Awkward Stock Photos.

Ok, time get back to that file, NOW. I'm off to TCB!