Save the ink! Smell the paper!

I redesigned this RSVP Invitation because a client said as she was trying to print it out, it was using all her ink. I hadn't thought of that when I designed it originally using the dark rich colors and the complex, layered background. I just wanted something fun that evokes evening. Girls night out. Red wine.

Ink is very expensive, so I totally understand. It did get me thinking about how different designing for print and for web can be. My background was mostly print until the last few years, but I'm already thinking a lot of the times in terms of how the design will look on the web or via email, etc.

Currently I'm working on a couple of brochures and I've had to get back into the print mindset with trims, bleeds, CMYK, InDesign, hi-res, etc. It's fun! It makes me miss working at a magazine. I still really love paper and nothing is better than the smell of freshly printed, brand new magazine hot off the distributor's truck!

(If you want know more about my invitations click on the RSVP link.)