7 Things Inspiring Me Right Now

First some explanation: my Twitter name is @right_n0w. When I created the account I had use the dreaded underscore and zero as the O because apparently in the Twitter world, having right now as a name is a popular concept, as in this is what is important  right now. And hey, that's what I was going for as well, except that I wanted to mostly tweet things that were inspiring me right now. Things that could maybe inspire other people.

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Using actions in Photoshop is like using quick keys on your keyboard (If you still say Apple instead of Command raise your hand). If you're not using them, why not? They save you time and can make your life easier. You can do something the long way, but why not just push a button and watch the magic happen? Also with the plethora of free actions out there, you can also add amazing effects to your pictures or logos, along with guaranteeing uniformity if you're working on a set of photos that you need to make black and white. I found this great list of 50 free Photoshop Actions and loaded up some of my favs from their list into Photoshop to see how they would look using the same two photos: A stock image of a woman and a stock image of a sunset road. And as a bonus, I did a more difficult action that involved creating a custom shape to my AG Designs icon.

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Book Covers That Pop!

The hand-written font look is dominating packaging and design right now. My love for it runs deep and it doesn't seem to be a trend that is letting up. But surely there will be a backlash soon. A possible hint of that, I just redesigned a magazine that was only a year old to rid it of a hand-writing font that hand just become to ubiquitous: 

Hand of Sean

. So, maybe the actual fonts are getting to be tired, but when something is truly one-of-a-kind, created by hand, like on book covers, they just pop off the shelf. And that's definitely what publishers and authors want. The book that actually got me thinking about handwriting again was this one, 

The Missing Ink

. A book about the lost art of handwritten notes. I loved the cover so much and then found that it has an equally awesome UK cover. It sounds like a fascinating read and I added it to my list on 



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